Trail riding by the Lyngenfjord

If you want to experience world-class mountain biking with a backdrop of mountains, glaciers, fjords, the sea and spectacular canyons and waterfalls, the Lyngenfjord in the Norwegian Arctic is the right place for you!

One-week trail riding package
13.12.201616:06 Georg Sichelschmidt

After checking out the mountain bike terrain by the Lyngenfjord, we are now ready to offer an exciting mountain biking package.

Lyngen has proven to be a world-class ski touring destination with summit-to-sea descents, and now we are bringing a similar experience to mountain bikers.

Mountain biking is a relatively new sport up here, which makes it exciting and interesting and you will constantly feel like tapping into new terrain. On the other hand, this also means rough trails and carrying your bike will be part of the game. However, you will be rewarded with spectacular descents with the sea or waterfalls in sight. However, these descents are reserved for experts. Everyone with some mountain biking experience is welcome to join us.

The tours will be based in Olderdalen and Skibotn, which gives us easy access to the best trails in the region.

The package price includes:

- 7 nights in cabin/apartment with half board
- Lunches including thermos with tea or coffee
- All transport from Tromsø and to the biking spots
- Ferry connections
- Guiding by a local biking guide 

Price:  NOK 15,750

25 August – 1 September 2017

Duration 8 days / 7 nights

Minimum 5 / maximum 8


Day 1 - Arrival

Flights to Tromsø (TOS). Once everybody has arrived, we will head off on the scenic two-hour transfer to Skibotn - the centre of mountain biking by the Lyngenfjord.

Day 2-7. Fantastic daily bike trips to destinations around our base. The mountainous landscape around the Lyngenfjord is very diverse and is heavily influenced by glaciers. Sparse forests and shrubs can only be found at lower elevations. There is a relatively well-defined trail system. There will be no forest roads but trails of various grades. Most departure points are accessible by car. We can also take the ferry to explore other places. The region around our base, Skibotn, is known for its dry mesoclimate with clear skies, calcareous pine forests and lush vegetation. The dry climate favours the presence of the Northern Lights, which is why there is an astrophysical observatory in Skibotn.
Another positive side effect of the dry climate is the mostly dry and grippy trails, which is quite unusual for Northern Norway.
After four days, we will change our basecamp to Olderdalen, from where we can explore other trails in the north of the region.

Day 8 – Departure, transfer to Tromsø and return flight.

Bike rides in Norway are not comparable to the ones in the Alps. Before you can hop on your bike for the downhill, you must pedal, carry or hike with your bike to the top. On the descent, we will find ourselves on less travelled, technical trails. 
The descents offer stunning views and impressions of the unique landscape. Sometimes we go on several shorter rides on one day to maximize our experience of North Norwegian fjords. The weather can change quickly and we might start out in pouring rain and end our day with the sun warming up our descent to the blue sea.


Olderelv Camping
In Skibotn we share a comfortable cabin with private bathroom and kitchen.
Dinner will be served in the café. 

In Olderdalen you will have a comfortable fully-equipped apartment at the Olderdalen Skicamp, with kitchen, bathroom and washing machine.

Both places offer amble space for sitting outside and relaxing.

Sufficient strength and fitness to manage approximately 1,000 vertical metres of ascent and descent per day. Safe and confident bike handling on trails with an S2-3 rating. Experience on alpine trails (sure-footedness) and in handling short pushing or carrying passages. Sometimes it makes sense to do two shorter rides on one day.

All-mountain bikes – preferably full-suspension, helmet and protectors, backpack for bike day-trips and personal repair kits (if you have). We will provide a full list of equipment and other items on registration.

Peter Schön
Peter Schön
Georg Sichelschmidt
Anna Riebelova

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