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This hike on Arnøya will reward you with excellent views of the Lyngenfjord,

2019-06-2109:05 Rakel

The hike up the mountain peak Trolltinden starts from the tiny village of Akkarvik on the village of Arnøya, south of the old school. The high mast at the top is visible from a long distance.

The summit is easily accessible via a well-maintained road, which winds its way up the mountain. Driving is not permitted and there is a barrier at the bottom.

Several thousand reindeer graze on Arnøya in the summer, and just above the treeline a reindeer fence is visible to your right.

Follow the road all the way to the top. You will be rewarded with excellent views of the Lyngenfjord, Akkarvikdalen valley and the islands of Arnøya, Karlsøy and Nord-Fugløya.

OBS: Be aware that that steep mountainside drops directly down to the Akkarvikdalen valley. There is a warning sign at the top. Trolltind is popular for summit ski climbs in the winter.

Alternative: If you want a more challenging hike, you can follow the well-marked winter route. This is graded red.

Car parking

At the fish processing plant in Akkarvik




Clear road that is easy to follow


12.8 km

Highest point

850 m a.s.l.

Estimated time

3-4 hours

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