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Dalberget and Storhaugen

This is a nice walk through the forest to above the tree line. From Dalberget you have a great view of the Lyngenfjord and the Lyngen Alps.

2019-06-2110:50 Rakel

Follow the forest road from Djupvik cemetery for about 200 m. When you come to a crossroads, turn left and then immediately afterwards right onto a small path. It can be wet here if it has rained recently.

After a bit of a climb, you reach the Storelva river. The path then continues northwards along the riverbank until you reach some signs. Follow the sign to “Storhaugen” while you are still in the forest.

This route crosses the river and goes steadily upwards. After a while you will see a cairn on the right side of the path, which marks Dalberget (approx. 460 m a.s.l.).

Alternative: There is no clear path to the summit of Storhagen (1,142 m a.s.l.). The terrain is even and fairly easy to walk, but there can be a lot of rocks. Be aware that when you reach the summit it is quite steep on the other side!

Car parking

At the cemetery in Djupvik, turn off the E6 at the “Kirkegård” sign


Average to Dalberget, hard to Storhaugen


Signposted and clear path to Dalberget


4.4 km to Dalberget), 8.8 km to Storhaugen

Highest point

Dalberget 460 m a.s.l., Storhaugen 1,142 m a.s.l.

Estimated time

Dalberget 2 hours, Storhaugen 6 hours

Graham Austick – www.nordnorge.com
Autuum hike to Storhaugen
Graham Austick – www.nordnorge.com
No other place offers such a good view of the Lyngen Alps

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