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Lyngsdalen/Vuošvággi in Dalbotn

Dalbotn offers majestic nature, and you can see three glaciers at the same time.

2019-06-2109:49 Rakel

The valley of Lyngsdalen/Vuošvággi is the gateway to the highest mountains in the Lyngen Alps and the highest mountain in Troms, Jiehkkevárri (1834 m a.s.l.). 

From the Furustua cabin, you follow the main road north towards the Lyngsdalselva/Vuošváhjohka river, turn left and follow the marked forest road approx. 1.5 km by the football field to the river. Cross the bridge and take the first path up the valley to the cabin Lyngsdalshytta (6 km).

This is an easy valley to walk in and there are good paths on both sides of the river. The Lyngsdalselva river is a swift glacial river, and the flow of water is especially powerful on warm summer days and after autumn rain. The river deposits a lot of sand from the glaciers and moraines on the shoreline and in the sea. Rafting is not recommended.

A bridge has been built across the river at Varaš, which enables you to walk a loop circuit in the valley.

Warning: Some of the paths are near glacial rivers, which can be difficult and sometimes dangerous to cross. Don’t attempt to cross these without the necessary experience or local guides.

Car parking

By the Furustua in Furuflaten/Vuošvággi






15 km

Highest point

240 m a.s.l.

Estimated time

3 hours

Daniel Masse
Lyngsdalen and Lyngselva

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