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If you climb up Gjøvarden, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the Lyngenfjord, Reisafjord, Kvænangen and Kågen.

2019-06-2014:57 Rakel

This hike starts on the opposite side of the car park and is clearly marked with “Ut i Nord” signs.

The steep path leads through dense birch forest. When the terrain flattens out, follow the sign right to Gjøvarden. If you turn left here, you will end up at lake Holmevannet.

After the stream, the route continues in flatter terrain for approx. 500 m before a steeper section.

The path is unclear but is much clearer on the final, steep section. From the edge, you can look right down into an impressive, steep ravine. Turn left and continue to the cairn on the summit.

If you are lucky, in the early summer you may see the flower Lapland rosebay blooming.

Car parking

At the large parking bay on the upper side of route 866 (towards Skjervøy) – on a hilltop




Clear signs at all intersections


4.4 km

Highest point

531 m a.s.l.

Estimated time

2.5 hours

Ørjan Bertelsen
The trip to Gjøvarden is a great hike.
Ørjan Bertelsen
At the top you have a view of The Lyngenfjord, Reisafjord, Kvænangen and Kågen island.

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