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The Baalsrud Cave

The Baalsrud Cave is at the top of the Manndalen valley/Olmmáivággi.

2019-06-2110:23 Rakel

This was one of the places the well-known resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud hid during his escape from the Germans in World War II, en route from Rebbenesøy to Sweden.

Follow the road then path into the valley. The route is marked and signposted. The bottom of the valley is fairly flat, easy to walk on and mostly dry.

After about 2 km you will reach an old summer mountain farm consisting of a mountain farmhouse and three turf huts. The inner part of the old farmhouse is locked, but you can stay overnight in the turf huts. You can also use the tables, benches and fireplace outside.

The path continues into the valley, with easy walking terrain and makeshift bridges over the largest rivers.

After passing Skáidejohka, it’s about 500 m to the cave, which is situated slightly down the bank closer to the river. This is a detour from the route further into the valley.

Car parking

In the Manndalen valley, at the end of the road in by the summer mountain farm Setra/Ruovddášnjárga (please remember to close the gate)






10.4 km

Highest point

300 m a.s.l.

Estimated time

3-4 hours

Knut Hansvold
It is easy to follow the route.
Knut Hansvold
The cave is actually a crevice. Here the resistance fighter, Jan Baalsrud, hid.
Jan R. Olsen
You will pass a small farm along the path.
Reidar Soleng

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