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Allemannsretten - Right of Access law in Norway

Norway has very liberal rules and laws when it comes to camping and outdoor access.

2013-11-0608:35 Annika Ilmoni

The All Man’s Right was created in 1957 in the form of “the Outdoor Recreation Act” based on the idea to give the public access and right to be on different nature areas regardless of ownership. The right to camp freely on uncultivated land was also an important part of the new law. The Scandinavian countries have the most liberal rules regarding public access to the nature in the whole world.

Short version- Right of access in Norway 

  • In unfenced land, you may go on skis or on foot wherever you want and have a picnic. The unfenced land includes open country that is not cultivated. Mountains, shores and forests are in this definition. Private and cultivated land is for example gardens and pastures. From 15 October to 30 April, when the ground is frozen and covered with snow, you have access to meadows and fields. 
  • You are allowed to sleep under the open sky or put up a tent everywhere except in lay-bys or cultivated fields but you have to keep a distance of a 150 metres from the nearest house. If you are staying more than one night you should ask the owner for permission. This does not apply for remote areas.
  • Fires are forbidden from 15 April to 15 September in or near forest areas. Please make sure that you do not create any damages when you make a fire.
  • You can pick flowers, mushrooms and berries in the wild. Here in the North, there are special rules that apply to cloudberries.

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