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Hiking in Lyngenfjord region

Northern Norway offers a dramatic nature with a lot of tracks for hiking and Lyngenfjord is no exception. The area holds routes for all kinds of hiking experiences.

Hiking Guide
2017-10-2111:56 Marie Angelsen

When to hike

The best period for hiking around Lyngenfjord is between mid-June to September. In June and July, when the sun never sets, the mountains invites to beautiful scenarios with siluttes against the pink- and redcolored sky. The terrain varies from easy paths til steep climbing and you can easy choose tours after state and mind.


The equipment for an ultimate hiking tour is very important. The weather in our region can change quickly so warm materials and extra clothing are good things to pack down. If you bring a tent, you are allowed to go wild camping thanks to the "Allemansretten". Food is an important part of your hiking experience and the nature is a perfect source for groceries!Lingonberries, blueberries and cloudberries are som examples and if you bring a mushroom book during Autumn, you can find chantarelles and other sorts of eatable mushrooms.

Why hike in Lyngenfjord

When you are hiking in the wilderness you are getting really close to the nature. The silence, the smell of moist plants and the fresh air will make you feel fresh and healthy. Deep canyons, green valleys and high mountains creates spectacular view points. A guiding tour on one of the glaciers are also a fanastic experience!

For more information, check our hiking guide

Frank Andreassen / www.nordnorge.com
Towards Steindalen glacier
Towards Steindalen glacier
Georg Sichelschmidt
Towards Steindalen glacier
Hiking to Steindalsbreen
Marie Angelsen
The Trolls at Lenangsøyra
Marie Angelsen

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