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Fishing in Lyngenfjord-Norway

The Fishing in Norway is famous all over the world and you can create your own special fishing memories around Lyngenfjord.

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2013-10-2113:17 Marie Angelsen

How to fish?

You can either hire a boat, going with a fisherman or just doing it from an own rock- either way the fishing trip in our region will be an unforgetable experience! The sea is full of fishes, a result from strict regulations to protect the fishing stock.


In thousands of years, Northern Norway has exported high-protein fish to middle and South Europe and fish is still one of the most important export item. The old farmers in Lyngenfjord were both working with animals in the barn and fishing in the Fjord so the family could survive. The angler tradition goes way back in our region and the knowledge and traditions are still alive today.

What do you get on the hook?

Saithe, cod, haddock, halibut and many other species can be found in the deep fjord. The fishing story is very truthful! The best season for fishing is between March and October but it is possible for fishing activity whole year around, thanks to the open water. Different fishes demanding different equipment and the sport store “Elektro sport” in central Lyngseidet can help you with all kind of questions and needs!

Where to fish?

You are allowed to fish in the Fjord without fish card but you cannot fish with net. Generally, you can just choose a good spot along the beautiful coast roads in Lyngenfjord and try your luck! For more organized tours, check out “Book Now” at the top of the page. You can rent boats in some of the accommodation places. Many accommodation places are specialized in fish tourism and they have rooms for fish cleaning and all the equipment that you need for an ultimate fish trip. Check out the accommodation places for more information.

Fishing in the sea is free for everybody and it is not necessary to have a fishing licence.

Fishing in the rivers in the Lyngenfjord region

Skibotnelva, Kitdalselva, Signaldalselva, Balsfjordelva, Elvevollselva, Steindalselva, Lyngsdalselva and Kvalvikelva are closed due to rotenone treatment.


No fishing in the river due to rotenone treatment

If you wish to fish in the river of Skibotn it's required that you have the receipt from the national licence (statskort). You also have to buy a local fishing licence that cost 150kr for 24h, and 250kr for a whole season.

Since the salmon-parasite Gyrodactylus Salaris have been discovered in the river, it's required to disinfect your fishing equipment before you leave the town, latest the day the fishing-licence  runs out. To be sure that these rules are to be followed, you'll have to pay a deposit of 500kr, which will be returned after your fishing equipment have been disinfected. The disinfection cost 60kr. Fishing-licences can be bought at Strandbu Camping, and from Reidar Nilsen (phone +47 404 08 308).


No fishing in the river due to rotenone treatment

To fish in Signaldalselva you have to pay a deposit, just like in Skibotn, to prevent the Gyrodactylus Salaris parasite. The fishing-licence costs 200kr, deposit 500kr, and desinfection 60kr. You'll get the deposit back after the desinfection of the equipment.

Everything can be bought at Grillbaren in Hatteng at 4pm every day.

Grillbaren: phone: +47 77 71 49 99


It's not allowed to fish in Kitdalselva.


To fish in the Kåfjord river you need a fishing-licence. This licence can be bought at the Joker store in Birtavarre. Fishing is only allowed from the E6 bridge and down to the sea. The allowed time to fish is between 06.00-02.00.

Joker store: Tlf: 77716990, Adress: Stig Pettersens veg, 9147 Birtavarre


To fish in Manndalselva the price is 100kr for 24h and 600kr for season-card, and if you are a member of the MJFF, you'll get good discounts. Women and children can fish for free in the river of Manndalen.

Everyone has to pay a deposit on 100kr which will be returned after you'll return the catchreport.

You'll also have to desinfect your equipment to avoid the  Gyrodactylus Salaris parasite to spread to other rivers. This can be done at the Manndalen gas station, Statoil. The licence can also be bought at Joker in Manndalen.

Tlf: 77716105, Email: joker.manndalen@ngbutikk.net, Adress 9144 Samuelsberg


For fishing in the Reisa river, you can buy fishing-licence at www.inatur.no (Go to Fishing->Salmon fishing->Troms->Nordreisa). This will list alle the different licences for Reisaelva, which one to buy depends on the zone in the river where you fish. More detailed information can be found on the webpage www.reisaelva.no 

Before fishing in the river you have to desinfect your equipment to avoid the spreading of the Gyrodactylus Salaris parasite. You can disinfect your equipment at Kronebutikken and/or Joker, Sørkjosen - Halti Tour, Storslett and Sappen school camp.

Oksfjord river

For fishing in the Oksfjord river, you can buy fishing-licence at www.inatur.no (Go to Fishing->Salmon fishing->Troms->Nordreisa).

Fishing in the lakes in the Lyngenfjord region

Fishing on stateowned property

In order to fish on stateowned property, you need the licence from statsskog, which can be bought online at www.inatur.no. Here you can also see which area in the region is stateowned.

Fishing in the Lyngen Alps

Svendsby Grunneierlag (Landlord organisation) owns the area from Jægervatnet to Tyttbærvika and they charge for the fishing. It costs 200kr for a 3 day licence, and 300 for a season-licence. The licence can be bought from Svensby Grunneierlag. Prices and contactinformation for 2018 can be found here (norwegian text only). The licence covers the following lakes: Trollvatnet, Fiskevatnet, Barheiavatnet and Langvatnet.


For fishing in Jægervatn, you can buy fishing-licence at www.inatur.no (Go to Fishing->Salmon fishing->Troms->Lyngen). The price is 150kr for 24h and 450,- NOK for a week. To buy a local fishing licence you also need to own the national fishing licence.

From wednesday at 18.00 until thursday at 18.00  it is not allowed to fish.


Fishing liscence is sold locally at the shop in Oksfjord.

Fishing regulations in Norway

  • Foreign tourists may only use handheld tackle when fishing in the sea. Tourists are not permitted to make use of nets, pots, traps, lines etc.
  • Tourists are permitted to take up to 10 kg of fish and one (whole) trophy fish out of the country. o This export-restriction does not apply for tourists who buy directly from commercial fishermen.
  • If you have been fishing from a registered fishing camp, you can take up to 20 kg of fish or fish products upon leaving. You have to wait for 7 days before you can take an additional 20 kg out of the country.
  • Freshwater fish such as salmon, trout and char are exempt from the 15 kg limit.
  • You must keep a distance of more than 100 metres from the closest fish farm when fishing. All boat traffic shall keep a distance of at least 20 metres from fish farms and moorings for fish farms.
  • Foreign tourists are not permitted to sell the fish they catch.
  • Eel and spiny dogfish are preserved species in Norway.

Source: Directories of Fisheries in Norway

Places to buy fishing equipment in Lyngenfjord:

  • Elektro-Sport, Strandveien 10, Lyngseidet
  • Coop, Verksvegen 9, Birtavarre
  • Joker Skibotn 
  • Blomsterboden, Skibotn
  • Coop, Olderdalsvegen 39, Olderdalen
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