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Lyngenfjord - a mountainbike paradise

Here you can find all important facts about mountain biking in the Lyngenfjord region.

2014-07-0810:57 Annika Ilmoni

Mountain biking in the Lyngenfjord region has a unique character, which changes throughout the season.   

The best time for mountain biking here is from late June to mid-September. Depending on when you visit, you can experience the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights on the Lyngenfjord trails.

The public access rights that enable you to hike and bike in the wilderness also entitle you to pick wild berries and mushrooms. In the autumn, you can stop and harvest natural treats right by the trails. You won’t encounter crowds on the trails or at the shops, but you will meet just enough people to take care of you and your friends.

The trails

Lyngenfjord region has dry and well-suited climate for biking. Norway is famous for its steep mountains and deep fjords. Most of the trails are steep too, and many include sections where you need to push or carry your bike uphill. You don’t have to worry about lifts being out of order because we don’t have any lifts here. Our trails will challenge you to use your entire body, but the fun you will have will make it worth the effort. 

How to get to the Lyngenfjord region?

  • By air: Fly to Tromsø and continue by car, bus or boat. Widerøe has flights from Tromsø to Sørkjosen.
  • By bus: There are daily bus services from Tromsø to the Lyngenfjord region.
  • By car: Tromsø (2 hours), Alta (3 hours), Kilpisjärvi/FI (30 min), Rovaniemi/FI (6 hours), Narvik (4 hours)
  • By ferry/boat: There is a ferry service across the Lyngenfjord and Ullsfjord. Cyclists/passengers travel free of charge. Check the timetable at: www.bjorklid.no

Respect the nature and the locals!

The nature has always provided for the people in the north. It decides the rhythm for their daily life. On days when storms are blowing from the sea, it’s better to stay down in the valley. On fine days, you can enjoy the mountains day and night. We appreciate the clean air and pristine nature in the Lyngenfjord region.

  • Please take all rubbish with you and don’t leave any traces.
  • As some trails pass drinking water sources, it’s extremely important not to pollute these.
  • Avoid riding when the ground is wet to protect the soft terrain. The marshlands are especially vulnerable in the early summer.
  • Most of the open areas in the Lyngen Alps are within the landscape protected area. Marking or building new trails within this area is prohibited without a special permit. 
  • The current regulations prohibit e-bikes in the landscape protected area. 
  • The use of drones in the landscape protected area is prohibited without a special permit.

We cooperate with farmers and reindeer herders and it’s important to remember that they were here long before the mountain bikers. As many of the trails are on grazing land, there is a chance that mountain bikers may find injured, sick or dead sheep or reindeer. If this happens, we recommend reporting this to the farmers or reindeer herders.

  • Keep your dog on a leash and don’t feed the grazing animals.
  • If you open any gates, please remember to close them behind you.
  • Park your car in the designated parking areas to avoid blocking fields, forest roads or cabin entrances.



by NOTS, Norwegian organisation for mountain biking

  • Be considerate and polite when meeting hikers.
  • You must always give way to people on foot.
  • Limit your speed to the point that you don’t endanger yourself or others, especially on roads and trail inviting high speed and in complex sections. 
  • Break to walking speed before passing someone on a narrow trail. 
  • Don’t make new tracks. If you don’t have the skills to overcome an obstacle, get off your bike. 
  • Don’t ride on especially vulnerable trails after periods with a lot of rain. 
  • Don’t make the trail wider by avoiding ponds or obstacles. 
  • Carry your bike through swamp areas to avoid forming new tracks. 
  • Don’t lock up the back wheel when riding steep hills. 
  • If two bikers meet on a hill, the one riding uphill has the right of way.
Anna Riebelova
Mountain biking Lyngenfjord
Andy Lloyd
Georg Sichelschmidt
Roy Mortensen
Lavkarittet MTB race
Lavkarittet MTB race
Anna Riebelova
Tromsø Enduro
Inge Storsteinnes/Svensby Tursenter
To Jægervatnet
Bicycle tour to Jægervatntet
Inge Storsteinnes/Svensby Tursenter
Backdrop: Lyngenalps
View towards the Lyngen Alps
Georg Sichelschmidt
Towards Reisavalley
On the way donw to Reisavalley

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