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Day trips from Tromsø to Lyngen

Providers of experiences in the Lyngen Region have made it easier for you to book organized day trips and packages from Tromsø during the winter.

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2016-08-1013:28 Georg Sichelschmidt

The bus to Lyngen

From 01 December 2017 to 31 March 2018


There is a daily bus service from Tromsø to Lyngen and back. The bus departs from Scandic Ishavshotel at 08.45 and takes you on a scenic journey to the heart of the Lyngen Alps.

From Tromsø to Lyngen
08:45 Depart Tromsø (Scandic Ishavshotel)
09:30 Arrive Breivikeidet 
10:00 Ferry to Svensby
10:20 Arrive Svensby
10:40 Lyngseidet
11:00 Årøybukt/Aurora Spirit

Return from Lyngen to Tromsø
13:45 Depart Årøybukt/Aurora Spirit
14:05 Lyngseidet
14:40 Ferry to Breivikeidet
15:00 Arrive Breivikeidet
15:10 Depart Breivikeidet
16:00 Arrive Tromsø

Day activities in Lyngen

You can participate in several activities in the amazing Lyngen Alps. Choose between a visit to the world’s northernmost whisky distillery, try ice climbing or cross-country skiing.

Please click on the booking link to book your adventure in the Lyngen Alps.

Lyngen Adventure
Aurora Spirit
Mira Hampel
Aurora Spirit
Aurora Spirit

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