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10 things to do this autumn

Planning to spend your autumn holiday by the Lyngenfjord? If so, you should check our list of suggested experiences and activities you can do during the autumn.

2017-09-2912:17 Rakel

Do you want to have a memorable experience, attend an event or participate in a fun activity this autumn?

If you visit the Lyngenfjord region this autumn, you will be greeted with many opportunities. To make it easier for you, Visit Lyngenfjord has created a list of the 12 best things to do. 

 See the idyllic Blue Lake

This is a classic hike in Lyngen! Blåvatnet (the Blue Lake) in Sør-Lenangsbotn has an idyllic location beside the Lenangsbreen glacier. We can guarantee that your photos from here will be perfect for Instagram!

Hike to the Steindalsbreen glacier

The wonderful Steindalsbreen glacier in Storfjord is well worth visiting in the autumn! You can also book a guided trip to walk on the actual glacier.

Visit the Centre for Northern People

The Centre for Northern People in Kåfjord holds an open day on the first Saturday of the month. Highlights include exhibitions, the museum, a market, children’s duodji (traditional handicrafts) and a café.

Visit the world’s northernmost distillery - Aurora Spirit

The world’s northernmost whisky distillery at Årøybukt in Lyngen provides the authentic Arctic distillery experience! There are many exciting activities here in autumn.

Check their facebook page for updated information about opening hours and events. 

See the autumn colours in the national park

Visitor Point/ Ovi Raiishin is the gateway to the Reisa National Park in Nordreisa. This place offers a beautiful view of the national park and the fantastic natural play of colours in the autumn.

Speed and excitement on the Lyngenfjord

This adventure will literally take your breath away! This rigid inflatable boat (RIB) trip is a great combination of a boat trip, bird life, Arctic landscape and an easy walk with wonderful views of the Lyngen Alps.

Visit the Landsbymarked

The annual Landsbymarked in Storslett each autumn gathers local food producers and noted chefs to present the best tastes from throughout the Lyngenfjord region. Welcome to a culinary experience!

Walk to Engnes

Egnes in Skjervøy is a beautiful natural gem! This walk offers a beautiful view of the open sea, while the remnants of the German coastal fort will give you an insight into the history of World War II here. 

See the exhibition “Encounters” at Halti

Nord-Troms Museum’s permanent exhibition at Halti in Nordreisa focuses on how the region’s history has been formed through encounters between people from the coast to the mountain plateau.

Riverboat safari in the Reisa valley

Between steep cliffs and dense pine forest, you will discover the 269 m high Mollisfossen waterfall. This is Northern Norway’s highest waterfall and one of Norway’s most spectacular. A riverboat safari up the Reisa river takes you almost to the foot of the waterfall, just a short walk from the river bank.

Frank Andreassen/www.nordnorge.com
Steindalsbreen glacier in Steindalen/ Storfjord
Discover Steindalsbreen glacier in Storfjord
Ørjan Bertelsen
Centre for Northern People
Discover the Centre for Northern People  in Kaafjord
Marie Angelsen
Blåvatnet in Lyngen
Blåvatnet in Lyngen is a blue lake in the Arctic
Aurora Spirit
Aurora Spirit
Aurora Spirit by the Lyngenfjord
Bergbjørn Fjellservice
Mountain biking with husky
Mountain biking with husky is great fun

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