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The Gorsa Bridge

The Gorsa Bridge in the Kåfjorddalen valley, which stretches spectacularly over the 153 metre deep Sabetjohk Canyon, is one of the highlights of the Lyngenfjord.

2016-10-0709:25 Georg Sichelschmidt

Getting there:

The Gorsa Bridge is in the Kåfjorddalen valley about 15 km from E6 highway. Turn off the E6 at Birtavarre and drive up the valley. The road is sealed for about 8km then becomes a gravel road. We recommend that you drive slowly and carefully as the road can be bumpy and there are sheep in the area. After driving on the gravel section for about 3 km, you will reach a large car park on the right-hand side of the road (Ankerlia) with toilet facilities and an information board. Park your car here and continue on foot to the Gorsa Bridge. The hike from here to the bridge through an old mining area is approx. 3.8 km and the terrain can at times be challenging.

If you would prefer not to walk so far, continue driving on the gravel road that winds its way up the valley. After crossing a narrow wooden bridge and following several turns, you will reach a smaller car park on the left-hand side of the road. It’s an easy 1.8 km walk from here to the bridge.

Hike to the Gorsa Bridge from Ankerlia

This nice hike leads you past an old mining area and further up the valley to the Gorsa Bridge, which crosses the 153 metre deep canyon. Thrill seekers can bungee jump off the bridge on Saturdays during the summer season.

A marked hiking trail leads the way from the car park at Ankerlia/Leaibenjárga (with toilets and an information board) over a small bridge and through the forest to the ruins from the mining industry. You will pass various information boards detailing the ruins and explaining about the extraction of iron ore here in days gone by. Follow the trail in the direction of the Gorsa Bridge. This scenic trail follows the river upstream. Initially it is quite wide, but near the end becomes steeper and narrower. If you cross the Gorsa Bridge, you will find a rest area and fire places. The trail continues from here to the gravel road (1.8 km) that takes you down to the car park (approx. 3 km) or up through the valley in the direction of Halti.

Hike to the Gorsa Bridge from Fosseveien/Sabethjoka

There are also two other options. Instead of parking at Ankerlia, you can continue on the gravel road and park at the upper car park and walk to the Gorsa Bridge (1.8 km) or further up to Sabethjoka. From Sabethjoka, you can walk down to the Gorsa Bridge (2.5 km).

The easiest walk is 1.8 km, which is ideal for the whole family.

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The best season

It’s only possible to reach the Gorsa Bridge on foot in summer/early autumn. The snow generally melts in May, so it’s normally quite possible to walk to the bridge in June. Winter arrives in the region in October and from then on walking to the bridge becomes more challenging.

For an exciting winter activity, you can reach the bridge on skis or using snowshoes. During winter, there is no marked trail and parts of the route are quite exposed. Consequently, it’s important to exercise caution and avoid this option unless you are an experienced skier or hiker in winter conditions.

More information:

Hiking map: Ut i Nord - Kart Kåfjord 1:50 000 (NOK 150)

Click here to order or buy at any tourist information office in the region.

Taxi: The following taxi companies can drive you up the valley towards the bridge:

Birtavarre Taxi: +47 970 16 000

Manndalen Taxi: +47 777 16 122

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