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Lyngenfjord – A sustainable destination

Visit Lyngenfjord was awarded the prestigious quality label “Sustainable Destination” by Innovation Norway in 2017. Here is summary of sustainable and environmentally-friendly options when you are travelling in our region.

2017-12-1213:38 Marie Kr Angelsen

About the quality label “Sustainable Destination”

This quality labelling scheme is based on international standards for how destinations safeguard the interaction between the local stakeholders: local governance, tourism enterprises and local communities.

Sustainability is important for tourism in the Lyngenfjord region. We offer experiences based on the region’s culture, history, resources and cultural heritage. We also limit the negative effect tourism can have on the nature and environment.

We safeguard the future by considering the impacts on nature and the environment. Our goal is to facilitate that our guests can experience the Lyngenfjord region with a good conscience

Sustainable activities in the Lyngenfjord region 

There are many exciting and fun activities to do in the Lyngenfjord region in both the summertime and wintertime. The following are activities you can do with a good conscience:

Walking and hiking

Check our hiking guide for descriptions of suggested walks and hikes in the municipalities of Kåfjord, Lyngen, Nordreisa, Storfjord and Skjervøy.

Go on a bike ride

In the summertime, it’s very nice to cycle along country roads. At Svensby Tursenter you can rent a mountain bike, while at Elektro-Sport in Lyngseidet you can rent an e-bike. 

See Reisa National Park

Visitor Point/ Ovi Raiishin is the gateway to Reisa National Park in Nordreisa. From here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the national park.

Ice climbing in Lyngen

Start with a walk through a snow-covered natural forest before trying ice climbing in a frozen waterfall. You don’t need any previous experience and will be instructed by certified guides. 

Try cross-country skiing

Go on a cross-country skiing trip on prepared trails or make your own tracks. Click here to see a list of prepared cross-country ski trails in the region. 

Try snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a great way to get out and enjoy the winter landscape. This is an exciting activity and anyone who can walk can also do snowshoeing. 

Sustainable accommodation in the Lyngenfjord region 

There are three places to stay in Lyngen which are Green Key certified. Koppangen Brygger, Svensby Tursenter and XLyngen have all met the set of high standard environmental requirements. Green Key is one of the largest global eco labelling schemes for accommodation providers.

The taste of the Lyngenfjord region

You will discover a lot of tasty locally produced food in the Lyngenfjord region. Many of the restaurants and cafés have local produce on the menu, while several companies produce local fish, meat, baking, berry and cheese products which you can buy. Click here to read more about local food in the Lyngenfjord region. 

Check our Local food guide

Our local food guide provides you with a detailed list of places to eat and locally sourced and produced food products in the Lyngenfjord region.

Aurora Spirit – The world’s northernmost distillery

In Årøybukt in Lyngen you will find the world’s northernmost whisky distillery. You can visit and enjoy an authentic Arctic distillery experience!

Bios Café – A culinary experience

You will find Bios Café at Storslett in Nordreisa. This is the place to enjoy a wonderful menu based on local produce in nice surroundings.  

The culture in the Lyngenfjord region

The unique culture in the Lyngenfjord region is called the “Meeting of the Three Tribes” and consists of the history and traditions of the Norwegian, Sami and Kven people. Read more about the cultures and traditions by clicking here.

  • Riddu Riddu– The annual indigenous people’s festival takes place each July in Manndalen by the Lyngenfjord and is a meeting place for people from around the world.
  • Paaskkiivikko– The Kven cultural festival, Paaskiviikko, involves events throughout the entire region showcasing the culture, language, traditions and history of the Kven people.
  • Nord-Troms Museum– The museum consists of several museum sites and exhibitions, which provide an insight into the region’s rich cultural heritage and history.
  • Centre for Northern Peoples­– The Sami traditions are alive in Kåfjord, and this museum documents and presents aspects of the culture of the northern peoples and regional Sami culture and history.
  • Havnnes Handelssted– Norway’s northernmost preserved trading post dates from the 19th century. This listed fishing village, which is still in operation, offers a unique insight into the coastal culture. In 2014, Havnnes Handelssted was awarded the prestigious St Olav’s rose, the hallmark of cultural experiences that are out of the ordinary. 

Environmentally-friendly transport 

If you wish to travel in an environmentally-friendly manner, you will find several alternatives in the Lyngenfjord region.

Public transport

Travelling by bus is one alternative. This requires some planning as the departures are infrequent. There are daily departures to and from the region, both northwards towards Alta and southwards to Tromsø and Narvik. By using the travel planner on www.tromskortet.no, you can find information about routes, timetables and fares.

Arctic Route bus

The arctic Route bus has daily departures from Tromsø to Lyngseidet from early December to late March. This provides an easy way to experience the best the Lyngenfjord has to offer. Read more about the Arctic Route bus.

Ferry crossings in the Lyngenfjord region

There are ferry routes across the Ullsfjord and Lyngenfjord. For updated timetables and fare details, please visit: www.bjorklid.no. It’s easy to pay by card and there is a café on both ferries.

Charging stations for electric cars

There are currently only four charging stations for electric cars in our region. Click here for a map and more information about charging stations in the region.

  • Fast charging station (6 chargers) at Circle K petrol station in Nordkjosbotn in Balsfjord
  • Tesla supercharging station (6 chargers) in Skibotn in Storfjord
  • Tesla charging station (1 charger) at Aurora Spirit in Årøybukt in Lyngen
  • Tesla supercharging station (6 chargers) in Sørkjosen in Nordreisa
  • TCON charging station (1 charger) at Joker in Sørkjosen in Nordreisa

Waste disposal in the Lyngenfjord region

We really hope our guests can sort their waste during their visit to our region. Sorting different types of waste into the correct colour-coded bags enables the materials to be recycled. This benefits the nature and the environment! For more information on waste sorting, please click here.

More information

For more information about the quality label Sustainable Destination, please visit:

If you have any questions, please contact: 

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