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Holmenes Coastal Sami Farm

Holmenes Farm by the Lyngenfjord is a living example of a Coastal Sami farm in North Troms.

2013-10-2209:14 Marie Angelsen

If you visit Holmenes farm, you can get an insight into how Coastal Sami families lived by the Lyngenfjord before the war. The farm dates to around 1850 and was settled until 1964. A visit here will provide an insight into the contrasts between then and now!

  • Did you know that the farm has been returned to its appearance around 1930 and consists of a farmhouse, woodshed, outhouse, stable and hay barn...? One of the boathouses down by the sea belongs to the farm.

Attend a market and festival

If you attend the market day in July each year, you can eat traditional food and the children can take part in old games. This event also features demonstrations of traditional handicraft techniques, such as dying wool with plant pigments, fulling and traditional weaving.

The Riddu Riđđu indigenous festival, which takes place in Manndalen in July each year, focuses on the Coastal Sami culture.

Click here to read more about the festival

Directions to the farm

Holmenes is located innermost in the Kåfjord. To reach the farm, turn off the E6 highway at the Coop supermarket in Birtavarre then drive 4 km up the valley. Turn right at the Holmen bridge and follow this road to the car park. You will see the farm on the opposite side of the road, surrounded by majestic mountains and the river Okselva.

Opening hours - summer 2017

In the period from 24 June to 13 August, the museum is open from Friday to Sunday from 11.00 – 17.00 (11am-5pm).

Coffee and waffles are on sale.


Children: NOK 20

Adults: NOK 40

Students / seniors: NOK 30

Guided tours are offered during summer. For more information, click here to visit the Nord-Troms Museum website.

Holmenes (Foto Elisabeth Jensen)


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