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Around Lyngenfjord

There are 7000 people living around Lyngenfjord. Small villages are placed out around the fjord where the local people are living their daily life. Here, you can find food stores, gas stations, churches and accomodations.

About the region
2013-11-0714:25 Annika Ilmoni


Lyngseidet is the biggest village in Lyngenfjord with 800 people living there. The town is located at Lyngenfjord between high mountains and stone beaches. You reach Lyngseidet via road 91 and from Tromsø, there is a ferry from Breivikeidet to Svensby with a fantastic view over the Lyngen Alps. From Lyngseidet, there is road 868 going south to Oteren and further. In Lyngseidet, there are two food stores, one sport- and electricity shop, a gas station, a school and a church. There are accommodations aswell.


Olderdalen is a village with 290 inhabitants and located by Lyngenfjord, opposite Lyngseidet. Olderdalen is 70 kilometres from Tromsø with ferries during the way and lies by the road E6. The landscape is mountains, forests and agricultural areas and there is a food store, gas station and a multicultural school in the Sami language area


Skibotn, with a population of 750 people, is located in the inner Lyngenfjord. Skibotn is a central place in Nordkalotten, which is a geographical area including the arctic parts of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. It is easy to drive to both Finland and Sweden from Skibotn and there is a big influence in culture, religion and languages from all three countries. The Sami culture is present and the traffic signs here are in both Sami language and Norwegian.  

Nord-Lenangen og Sør-Lenangen

If you drive North from Svensby you will reach Nord-Lenangen. It is the northest part of Lyngen and there are great possibilities to find hiking or ski tracks, unique fishing places and accomodation. Nord-Lenangen has also the only fast food restaurant in Lyngen!.


When you arrive Lyngen from Tromsø, the first place you reach is Svensby. The ferry terminal is placed here and beside that, you will find a cultur café, accomodation and acitivities such as dog sledding or snow mobile tours.


Lyngenfjord have more than just water, mountains and skitracks! In the small village Furuflaten, you find businesses and companies with innovations and development in engingeering, plastic and marine products.


Elvevoll is a small village offering tour tracks, a glacier called Steindalsbreen and a beautiful, newly restored hwarf with a fantastic view over Lyngenfjord.


In the inner area of Lyngenfjord, you will find the Oteren. Oteren has a hotel, restaurant, food store and a pub. It is also a good starting point for hikers and skiers.


Where Signaldalen starts, there is a village called Hatteng. There is a camping, a food store and a snow mobile track. Every year, there is a famous off road bike competition called Lavkarittet. 68 kilometres with spectacular nature experiences along with other off road enthusiasts.  


Manndalen is a village with many hidden treasures! The Sami culture is present and every year, there is a festival called Riddu Riddu. In July, indigenous people from all over the world are gathering to play music, eat good food and socialize in the arctic summer night. From Manndalen, you can reach Skardalen where you find a well-preserved cultural landscape.


In the inner part of Kåfjord is the village Birtavarre. There is accomodation, a food store and you pass through the village when you go to the bridge Gorsabrua. For the brave ones, it is possible to bungy jump from the bridge that is located in the deepest canyon in Northern Europe. In Birtavarre, you can also buy Norwegian handicraft such as mittens, clothes, carpets and trinkets.

Kåfjord Kommune
Djupvik - the northermost end from the Lyngenfjord
Kåfjord Kommune
Olderdalen - where the ferry to Lyngseidet leave
Kåfjord Kommune
A farmerslife
A farmer is working close to the Lyngenfjord
Oddrun Skjemstad
Svensby & Ullsfjorden
View over Svensby and Ullsfjord.
John-Ivar Larsen
Furuflaten by the Lyngenfjord
Svein Samuelsen
Sunset, Lenangen
Sunset in Lenangen

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