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Catch the summer’s activities and festivals!

Do you want to spend a few days in Northern Norway with friends, music, great atmosphere and the Midnight Sun? If so, we recommend you check out these events!

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Here is an overview of the festivals and events taking place around the Lyngenfjord during the summer and early autumn of 2018. The events and festivals are extremely varied so there is something to suit every taste!

Many of these events offer activities for both young and old, making them extremely family-friendly.

If you are interested in indigenous people and the Coastal Sami culture, we recommend you attend Riddu Riđđu. At Lenangsøra, a short drive from Lyngseidet, the focus of the Rock&Reker festival is rock music served with shrimps. If you are keen to grab a bargain or find some hidden treasures, then head to the summer market in Skibotn!

Events near Skibotn

Skibotn summer market

On the weekend of 22-24 June, Skibotnhallen in Skibotn is filled with exhibitors and stands. You will find many good buys. The younger visitors will enjoy Hugos Tivoli.

For further information, visit the market’s website Skibotn summer market


Lavkarittet, which is Northern Norway’s largest off-road race, attracts more than 500 competitors each year. The race, which this year takes place on 11 August, is perfect for everyone in search of a real challenge with speed and excitement. Professional cyclists from throughout the Nordic region compete alongside others keen to test their skills in the tough course.

Read more about the Lavkarittet here 

Dance gala at Skibotnhallen

On Saturday 8 September, the second dance gala of the year takes place at Skibotnhallen. Dance to the music of some of the leading dance bands, Holidays (Sweden) and Saturn (Northern Norway). A caravan and camper van meet take place on the same weekend. The dance gala is for everyone who enjoys dance and music!

Read more on the Skibotnhallen Facebook page


Events near Hatteng

Signaldalen Days

The Signaldalen Days take place in Signaldalen in Storfjord on the second weekend in August. The weekend’s activities include a café at the community hall Brunes, curd making, butter churning, a party with great dance music, a flea market and youth revue.

Read more on the Signaldalsdagan Facebook page

Fitness walking weekend in Steindalen

The annual turmarsjhelg (fitness walking weekend) takes place in Steindalen in Storfjord on 27-28 July. You can participate in Imagaìsimarsjen, which is one of Northern Norway’s largest organised fitness walks, Buollànmarsjen and Draugenmarsjen. 

Read more on the Storeng Steindal Trim website


Events near Lyngseidet


This is the meeting place for car and motor enthusiasts. Every year many vintage cars, motorcycles and newer cars go on display to the joy of the public at Sørheim Brygge in Lyngseidet. There is a procession from Lyngseidet to Polleidet. Lyngentreffet has prizes in various categories. In the evening, participants are invited to a party at Skibsbroen Pub.

Click here for more information about Lyngentreffet

Lyngen Rock&Reker

Welcome to a festival with focus on good music and shrimps from the Lyngenfjord. Lyngen Rock&Reker takes place at Lenangsøyra. There are several noted and popular bands on the programme, a special festival camp and many activities for young and old festival goers! 

Read more on the festival website: Lyngen Rock&Reker

Lyngen Half Marathon

This popular running festival in the Lyngenfjord region has been held more than 30 times. The Lyngen Half Marathon is an annual event at Polleidet in late May. You can choose between a 4 km race, 10 km race or a half marathon in various age classes.

Read more on the Lyngen/Karnes IL website

Tour de Lyngen

The Tour de Lyngen cycling race takes place in June/July. The route goes beneath the majestic Lyngen Alps, with the start and finish line at the Jægervatnet Grendehus. You will find changing rooms, showers, a café and the prize giving ceremony here. Every participant receives a medal, while there are winners in each class. All participants go into a draw to win additional prizes. Pump up your tyres and get ready to ride!

Read more about the Tour de Lyngen cycling race on the event’s Facebook page

North Norwegian accordion festival

The North Norwegian accordion Festival (Nordnorsk Trekkspilltreff) from 25-29 July is aimed at everyone who loves accordion music! Ever since the inaugural event in 1994, musicians and dance enthusiasts have gathered at Polleidet in Lyngen. This is the place to meet people from different accordion clubs, soloists and musicians. You can also enjoy barbecues, concerts and dancing under the golden rays of the Midnight Sun!

Check out the Nordnorsk Trekkspilltreff Facebook page


Events near Skjervøy

Skjervøy Days and Skarven Festival

The Skjervøy Days take place in the town centre from 28 June to 1 July. The festival, which has become an annual tradition, features sales stands, exhibitions, family shows, competitions, children’s activities and several concerts during the Skarven Festival, which takes place at the same time.

Check Varehuset Skjervøy’s Facebook page

Festivals near Manndalen

Market day at Holmenes

The annual market day at the Holmenes Coastal Sami farm takes place in Kåfjord in early July. The farm dates from around 1850 and was occupied until 1964. Visiting this farm enables you to experience how Coastal Sami families lived before the war and learn about the contrasts between then and the present day. The market day features a range of activities for young and old and the sale of food and drinks. Welcome to the market day!

Read more on the Nord-Troms Museum website

Riddu Riđđu

Riddu Riđđu takes place from 11-15 July. It’s an extremely valuable arena for Coastal Sami culture and indigenous people from around the world. The programme includes a children’s festival, art exhibition, youth camp, dramatic art, literature, music, film screenings, seminars and courses. 

Read more about Riddu Riđđu

Manndalen fishing festival

The festival takes place Manndalen in Kåfjord municipality from 26 June - 1 July. The festival programme includes fishing competitions with great prizes, football matches, a night-time fitness walk in the Midnight Sun, a cycling race and entertainment. This is a festival you don’t want to miss!

Read more on the website of Manndalen fishing festival

Spinnvill Rokkefestival

The Spinnvill Rokkefestival, an annual festival devoted to the art of spinning, runs from 14-16 September. The festival focuses on handicraft traditions in Kåfjord and aims to preserve a dying cultural heritage, namely spinning. The festival includes seminars on the subject, a market, a spinning competition, serving of cod roe dumpling soup and of course lots of spinning wheels in action!

Read more on the Facebook page of the Spinnvill Rokkefestival


Events near Djupvik
Lyngenfjord Sky Run

The Lyngenfjord Sky Run takes place during the Djupvik rural festival is late July. There will be activities for the whole family and a party in the evening. In 2018 the event is on 27-28 July.

Read more on the website of Lyngenfjord Sky Run


Events near Storslett


The Kven cultural festival, Paaskiviikko, runs from 11-17 June. Paaskiviikko celebrates and highlights the Kven cultural heritage in the North Troms region. The festival programme features a variety of events in all municipalities in the North Troms region. You can learn more about the Kven language, traditions and culture and experience Kven concerts.

Read more about Paaskiviikko


Reisatreffet is a gathering for vintage car enthusiasts in June. The event is run by the vintage car club Nord-Troms Motorhistoriske, which aims to gather vintage car enthusiasts to this enjoyable event. The programme features activities, car exhibitions, local drives and social gatherings.

Read more on Nord-Troms Motorhistoriske’s website


The food festival Landsbymarkedet features great produce and products from producers in the North Troms region. The annual festival takes place in central Storslett in September. During the festival, visitors may experience quality local products, concerts, courses and culinary theatre. This is a food festival you don’t want to miss!

Visit the festival’s website  

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