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Celebrate Easter by the Lyngenfjord

Here is an overview of the exciting events and activities on offer in the Lyngenfjord region during Easter.

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For many, the highlight of Easter is cross-country ski trips with Kvikk Lunsj (a chocolate bar associated with Easter) and oranges in their backpack, drinking hot chocolate in the sun by the cabin, reading a detective story and spending time with their nearest and dearest. In the Lyngenfjord region, you can do all this and more, including attending festivals, ski races, ice fishing competitions, markets and after ski events. 

Puls Lyngen

This event in Lyngen is aimed at people of all ages and will run from Friday 23 March to Monday 2 April. This eventful festival in Lyngseidet features activities such as the randonee ski touring event Lyngen Rando, a big market, helicopter sightseeing, a family ski meet and the Puls Party. In other words, everything is set for a large-scale celebration in Lyngen!

Read more about the Puls Lyngen festival and see this year’s  programme!

Easter village

The Easter village in Nordreisa offers many events this Easter, including a youth tournament, live music, Easter quiz, morning service at Nordreisa church, Easter ski trips and a fashion show. Most of the events take place near the centre of Storslett.

The highlight for the young ones is Barnas Landsbylørdag (Children’s Village Saturday) involving a children’s ski race and horseback riding. For adults, the annual Treskifestivalen (Wooden ski festival) is well worth attending. The participants in this ski race use traditional wooden skis and wear woollen sweaters and breeches or a skirt. If you don’t wish to try using wooden skis, you can take some funny photos!

Click here to see the programme for the Easter village

Participate in a traditional ski meet

For many Norwegians, taking part in a cross-country ski meet during Easter is an important tradition. Several of the ski meets in the Lyngenfjord region have existed for more than 30 years and attract large numbers of participants. Visitors can also take part. The events have three sections: children, non-competitive and competition class. These events enable you to enjoy good ski trails, sun and wonderful weather and test yourself again some of the region’s best cross-country skiers. Here are two excellent Easter ski meets you can participate in:

  • Pilterirennet: This ski meet takes place on Sunday 25 March in Rotsundelv, a 30-minute drive south of Storslett. The family and non-competitive classes start at 10.00 and the competition class at 12 noon. The event organiser is Rotsundelv Idrettslag.
  • Trolldalsrennet: This ski meet takes place on Saturday 31 March in Oksfjord, a 30-minute drive north of Storslett. Registration takes place from 09.30 at the Oksfjord community hall. The event organiser is OSIL.

Ice fishing competitions

Ice fishing is a fun and easy activity which is suitable for fishing enthusiasts of all ages. It’s important to remember warm clothes and hot drinks. Ice fishing competitions attracting several hundred participants are organised at several lakes throughout the region.

If it’s your day, you can win the prize for the smallest or largest fish! A popular ice fishing competition is:

  • Kåfjordpilken:This ice fishing competition at Guolasjavri takes place on Saturday 14 April from 12.00 - 15.00. The children’s competition is from 12.00 - 13.00. The event organisers sell hot dogs, waffles and drinks.

After ski and Easter party

What could possibly be better than enjoying good food and drinks with your skiing companions after several hours in the mountains? After ski events are arranged at several places throughout the Lyngenfjord region during Easter. Don’t miss the great atmosphere! 

Read more about after ski!


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