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The 12th Man – the film about Jan Baalsrud

The film The 12th Man, which depicts Jan Baalsrud’s dramatic escape from the Germans during World War II, premiered on Christmas Day 2017.

2017-03-2310:26 Rakel

The film has been a hit with audiences and gained rave reviews. Many Norwegians have been fascinated by the gripping story of the Norwegian resistance fighter.  

Filmed by the Lyngenfjord 

In 2016, the internationally renowned movie director Harald Zwart and producer Aage Aaberge commenced work on the filming of The 12th Man. The film had a budget of NOK 64 million.

The producers chose Lyngseidet and the Lyngen Alps as a backdrop for the film. Filming took place at several locations throughout Lyngen Municipality in March, including Tyttebærvika, Rasteby and the historic Lyngen Church.

International stars and local extras

Several residents of Lyngen have volunteered as extras and assistants during the filming. Norwegian actor Thomas Gullestad has the role of Jan Baalsrud, while Marie Blokhus plays Gudrun Grønvoll.

The internationally renowned actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the German officer Kurt Stage

You will find more facts, photos and a trailer of the film on IMDb.com.

Other books and films about Baalsrud 

Baalsrud’s story was recounted in the book We Die Alone by David Howart. This formed the basis for the film Nine Lives in 1957, which was directed by Arne Schous, and later nominated for the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film. 

Find out more

If you want to read more about Jan Baalsrud, we recommend you check the following links: 


Nordisk Film / Zwart Arbeid
"The 12th Man" - the movie about Jan Baalsrud
Petter Skafle Henriksen/ Pressebilde
Actor Thomas Gullestad plays Jan Baalsrud, who was an important World War II resistance fighter.
Petter Skafle Henriksen/ Pressebilde
Jan Baalsrud received help from local residents in Lyngen.
Nordisk Film / Zwart Arbeid
Actress Marie Blokhus plays Gunvor Grønvoll
Nordisk Film / Zwart Arbeid
Film star Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Gestapo head Kurt Stage
Nordisk Film / Zwart Arbeid
"The 12th Man" has proved a hit with audiences in Norway.

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