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Maursund Farm

At the historic Maursund farm near Skjervøy, you can experience an authentic trading centre with roots back to the 17th century.

2017-06-2220:36 Rakel

Maursund farm has an idyllic location right down by the fjord.

  • Did you know the trading post had its golden age from the late 18th century right up to the late 19th century...? 

Maursund was extremely well located on the maritime route, which made the area and the farm attractive for the Trondheim merchants who starting the trading post. The economy was based on a combination of farming, fishing, large-scale trade and transport by traditional boat.

Experience a different era

The museum area comprises of a fembøringsnaust (boathouse for a femboring, a traditional Nordland boat designed for five pairs of rowers) and the beautiful farmhouse. You can experience the atmosphere from a different time, see exciting exhibitions and on special occasions taste traditional food from the coast.


Upstairs in the boathouse is a permanent exhibition on fishing in North Troms. This summer, you can see a travelling exhibition here from 25 June Entitled Tause Kvinner. Ukjente Historier (Silent women. Unknown stories), this thought-provoking exhibition describes the fate of four women who lived in Northern Norway during World War II.

You can also see the exhibition Håndarbeid fra bestemors tid (Handwork from Grandma’s era). This beautiful textile exhibition features local handicrafts from the first half of the 20th century produced by the Gaia society.

Directions to Maursund Farm

Maursund Farm is situated on the island of Kågen in Skjervøy municipality. If you are driving along the E6 highway and wish to visit the farm, you need to turn off and take route 866 towards Skjervøy on the western side of the mountain Sørkjosfjellet. Drive through the Maursund tunnel and turn off to Maursund just after you have passed through the tunnel.

If you are driving from Skjervøy, drive 15 km on route 866. Look for the turn off to Maursund after you have driven through the Kågen tunnel but before you enter the Maursund tunnel. It is approx. 2.5 km from the turnoff to Maursund Farm.

Opening hours - summer 2017

In the period from 24 June to 13 August, the museum is open from Friday to Sunday from 11.00 – 17.00 (11am-5pm).

Coffee and waffles are on sale.


Children: NOK 20

Adults: NOK 40

Students / seniors: NOK 30

Guided tours are offered. For more information, click here to visit the Nord-Troms Museum website.

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