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Midnight Sun in Lyngenfjord

The summer in Lyngenfjord is magical with the golden rays of the famous Midnight Sun. The 24-hour light makes the atmosphere here very special. People do activities in the middle of the night, light bonfires by the shoreline and celebrate the unique North Norwegian summer. Come and join us!

2013-10-2110:45 Marie Angelsen

What is it?

Many tourists ask questions like “Where is this special Midnight Sun?”, “What does it look like?” or “When can we see it?”. We hate to break it to you, but it is the same sun you see during the day and elsewhere! Midnight Sun means that the sun does not set and is still visible at midnight. During the night hours, the sky is coloured with dramatic shades of red and pink and the fjord reflects the sunshine. When the sun reaches the horizon, it turns and rises again. This is a spectacular sight, especially from a good view point!

How can you best experience the Midnight Sun?

* If you want to seize the best experience of the Midnight Sun, find the spots where you can see the horizon and open sea! One of the nicest places is Lyngstuva. If you climb up a mountain peak, you can enjoy a panoramic 360-degree view of this natural phenomenon. Fishing and cycling are also popular – and the best part is that you do not have to adapt the activities to suit the day or night!

* You must be patient. The weather in the Arctic region can change quickly and is unpredictable. If you allow more time, your chances of a magic Midnight Sun experience increase.

* Talking about the weather, suitable clothing is important if you want to experience the bright nights! There are some words that are unique to our region, such as “warm summer hat” and “summer down jackets”. The best thing is to have different layers of wool close to your skin and a windproof jacket as the outermost layer.

When is it?

In Lyngenfjord, the endless summer day when the sun shines 24/7 lasts from 20 May to 22 July.

These are the dates for the Midnight Sun season in other nearby destinations:

Tromsø: 20 May – 22 July

Arctic Circle: 12 June – 1 July

Alta: 19 May – 24 July

North Cape: 14 May – 29 July

Svalbard: 20 April – 22 August

How to sleep 

The hardest part of experiencing the exotic bright nights in Lyngenfjord is going to bed! Most people’s natural instinct is to stay up as long as the sun is shining. You do not need that much sleep with all the energy that you get from the sun. If you still need some rest, make sure you have good curtains or remember to bring one of those masks to cover your eyes. The animal life is loud during the middle of summer, so bringing earplugs to block out the birdsong may also be a good idea.

Our recommended places to experience the Midnight Sun

Have you dreamt of seeing the sun almost drop below the horizon, but then suddenly change its mind and rise into the sky again? Here are five places we recommend you visit in search of the perfect place to enjoy the Midnight Sun:

  • Lyngstuva by the Lyngenfjord

Head to Lyngstuva, which is the outermost point of the Lyngen peninsula. This is the perfect place to enjoy the Midnight Sun. You can experience wonderful views of the open sea, the fjords of Ullsfjord and Lyngen and the strait Fugløysund.

Read more about Lyngstuva

Directions: Follow the path along the seashore from the car park at the end of the road at Russelv.

  • World War II bunkers at Falsnes in Storfjord

A rest area complete with toilet has been built on the way up to the bunkers built at Falsnes during the war. When you are standing at the top of the Bollman Road (550 m above sea level), you can enjoy a completely fantastic view of the Midnight Sun so don’t forget your camera!

Read more about Falsnes

Directions: Turn off when you see the "Krigsminne” sign half way between Skibotn and Hatteng. 

  • Spåkenes

From the height at Spåkenes in Kåfjord, you will have a panoramic view of the sea, a completely clear horizon and the majestic Lyngen Alps on the other side of the fjord. This spot is perfect for seeing the play of colours the Midnight Sun creates on the surface of the water. If you are lucky, you may spot purposes and seals from this view point which commands a complete 360-degree view. 

Read more about Spåkenes 

Directions: Park at the cark park, cross the E6 highway and follow the tractor road until you reach the coastal fortifications, which are also worth visiting. From here, follow the marked path to the bird watching tower at Spåkenes.

  • Engnes in Skjervøy

From the top of Engnes, you will be rewarded with wonderful views of the open sea and the Midnight Sun.  It’s not only the top that offers wonderful experiences. Along the entire Egnes road, you can see natural pearls and cultural heritage sites, including an old coastal fort.

Read more about Egnes on utinord.no

Directions: Follow the road from downtown Skjervøy up to the clubhouse of the Skjervøy sports club. There is ample parking by the football field.

  • Årviksand on the island of Arnøya

From the new Årvikmarka, you can experience a wonderful network out hiking paths, bridges and rustic shelters. But wait there is more: If you follow the paths up the hillside, you will have great view of the Midnight Sun too!

Read more about Årvikmarka on utinord.no

Directions: Start from the gravel pit on the lower side of the road just before the hall in Årviksand then follow the path up towards the rustic shelter by the old electric power plant. 

Georg Sichelschmidt
Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun in Lyngenfjord
Georg Sichelschmidt
Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun in Lyngenfjord
Georg Sichelschmidt
Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun in Lyngenfjord
Georg Sichelschmidt
Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun in Lyngenfjord
Foto: oooyeah.de
Marie Angelsen
Midnightsun hike Falsnes

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