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Exotic places to stay by the Lyngenfjord

Do you dream of staying overnight while the magical Northern Lights dance in the sky above you? Do you want to create a life-long memory during your holiday in Northern Norway? If so, we recommend reading about exotic places to stay by the Lyngenfjord.

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2018-01-2512:42 Rakel

There are several unique places to stay and all have the same aim – to give you an unforgettable experience! Rather than simply being a place to sleep, these places are specially designed to give you that little extra.

Green Gold of Norway – Stay in a crystal clear lavvo

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Green Gold of Norway offers the chance to stay in a Crystal Lavvo! As the name suggests, this is a lavvo with a crystal clear glass roof! These are a modern version of the traditional Sami lavvo (herdsmen’s tent). The crystal lavvo is equipped with a comfortable bed and a wood burning stove to keep you warm.

As night falls, you can enjoy the view of the starry sky, the Northern Lights and the majestic Lyngen Alps. The camp is minimalistic, simply furnished and the guests share several of the facilities. The price includes meals and return transfers from/to Tromsø.

Host Francisco Damm, a well-known Northern Lights photographer, ensures the guests receive a photo of themselves under the Northern Lights.

An overnight stay in a crystal lavvo is something you will never forget! 

Lyngen North – Experience a unique glass igloo

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Lyngen North’s igloos at Spåkenes are wonderful! They provide you with the opportunity to stay in a luxurious igloo with a roof comprising entirely of glass. The igloos feature a self-contained kitchen and a private bathroom. Not to forget the incredible view of the Lyngen Alps and the Lyngenfjord! 

Lyngen North also has an outdoor hot tub for its guests, which is something you don’t want to miss! You can reach Lyngen North by public transport or rental car.  

Take Me Away – Stay in a hippie van 

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Have you dreamt of having the freedom to travel around with the option of staying where you want to when you want to? If so, your dream can come true. At Take me away, you can rent an authentic hippie camper van and stay wherever you wish!

You start your journey in Tromsø. You need to be able to drive a vehicle with manual gears, and as space is limited these camper vans are recommended for no more than two people during wintertime.

Grab the chance to play hippie under the Northern Lights! 

Solheim Gård – Stay on a farm in the Lyngen Alps

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The farm Solheim Gård gives you a unique opportunity to stay on an authentic farm in the famous Lyngen Alps! This farm has an idyllic location and offers an insight into how farms are run north of the Arctic Circle! Solheim Gård serves delicious, local food and guests have the option of adding breakfast and dinner during their stay.

It’s easy to reach the farm by public transport from Tromsø. 

Lauksletta Overnatting – The small hostel by the mouth of the fjord

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Do you want to enjoy the feeling of being miles away from the outside world? If so, you don’t need to travel far. Lauksletta Overnatting on the island of Arnøya offers precisely this and much more!

This little hostel is surrounded by wild nature and extreme weather. This is a cosy place to stay, you can enjoy good North Norwegian food and the hosts will gladly share exciting stories about this out-of-the-way place at the mouth of the fjord.

It’s possible to travel to Arnøya by express boat from Tromsø or by bus. 

Francisco Damm
Crystal lavvo
Francisco Damm
Crystal lavvo
Glass igloo - Lyngen North
Stay where you want with Take Me Away camper van
Solheim farm
Lauksletta Overnatting
Lyngentourist - Tent

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